‘On My Block’ Season Four Brings the Series to a Close

This article contains spoilers for “On My Block” season four.

Since its release in 2018, “On My Block” has been a favorite for many Netflix watchers. The comedy, the relationships and the representation of minorities have resonated with viewers and critics alike. 

Netflix released the final season of the hit series on Oct. 4. Fans were excited to see the return of their favorite Freeridge friends, Monse (Sierra Capri), Jamal (Brett Gray), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Ruby (Jason Genao) and Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia). Despite the excitement, fans were also nervous to see where the final season leaves the characters they’ve loved over the years.

The end of season three gave viewers a hint as to what to expect in season 4. Audiences saw the crew split up in a flash-forward, all leading down different paths as they enter their senior year. As the friends try to endure their falling out over the Rollerworld money, Monse goes to boarding school, Cesar becomes a full-fledged member of the Santos and Jamal transforms into one of the popular students at their high school. However, Ruby and Jasmine pursue a short-lived romantic relationship that ends explosively.

Ruby (Jason Genao), Jamal (Brett Gray) and Cesar (Diego Tinoco). Courtesy of Netflix.

Viewers were especially excited to see how the final season would approach the relationship between Cesar and Monse, which has been a tumultuous one since the beginning of the series. With Cesar fully joining the Santos and the introduction of Cesar’s new girlfriend, Vero (Nikki Rodriguez), fans were uneasy about the fate of the couple.

The ending, for Cesar and Monse, has left some fans divided. After the anticipated “Illuminati Nights” prom, the two meet outside for a brief conversation that will leave fans teary-eyed. The pair sit on the stairs of the school while Cesar explains that he would be lucky if Monse was a part of his future.

Despite this sliver of hope for a Cesar and Monse endgame, viewers were ultimately left with nothing. As both Cesar and Monse are in pursuit of finding themselves and discovering their own identities, there is no indication that they are officially together as the show comes to a close. Many fans feel let down considering the couple went through so much only to not be together, while others applaud Monse for finding her independent path. 

It seems that romance had no place in the conclusion of “On My Block.” Given that Cesar and Monse and Jasmine and Ruby appear to be ill-fated, viewers will have to use their imaginations to create a future for the Freeridge couples. 

Julio Macias as Oscar “Spooky” Diaz. Courtesy of Netflix.

If any fans thought they were going to be able to escape season four without shedding any tears, they would be mistaken. The breaking up of the couples is the least heartless thing the writers did. Unfortunately, the final season will bring heartbreak for fans of the character, Oscar “Spooky” Diaz (Julio Macias), Cesar’s brother.

Fans are outraged by the incident as Spooky has long been a character viewers root for and love. Many felt like it was an unnecessary wound to inflict on audiences who recently celebrated Cesar and his older brother mend their relationship.

To add to the pain, the group of friends leaves the prom to celebrate their high school days only to find out that the beloved Abuelita, (Peggy Blow) has died. Abuelita, Ruby’s grandmother, has been on the show since season one and her schemes with Jamal have given fans the perfect amount of comedy to balance out the darkness. While it was sad to say goodbye, fans generally were in agreement that it was time for Abuelita’s storyline to come to a close as she eventually succumbed to cancer.

The deaths, the breakups and the lack of complete closure have left fans divided over the series finale. Some feel that it’s best to not know for sure what happens in the future of the Freeridge squad, while others want a full ending to the story. No matter what viewers say about the ending, there is no doubt that the final season of “On My Block” will leave long-time fans laughing, crying and reminiscing about the show’s early days.

“On My Block” is currently streaming on Netflix.

By Lily Williams

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