What to Expect in Season 3 of ‘Euphoria’

*SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for HBO Max’s “Euphoria.”

After two enthralling yet heart-wrenching seasons of HBO Max’s hit show “Euphoria,” the series will be returning for yet another season. “Euphoria” aims to encapsulate the struggles that modern teenagers face. Including themes of addiction, betrayal and friendship, ‘Euphoria’ is an artistic and dramatic roller coaster that will take you for a wild ride. 

Season two left us hanging with several questions: Is Rue (played by Zendaya) able to maintain her sobriety and salvage any of her struggling relationships? What will happen between Maddy (Alexa Demie) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) after their fallout? What happens after Nate (Jacob Elordi) turns his father, Cal (Eric Dane), into the police? Finally, the devastating last scene involving a home invasion by the police left us wondering if Ashtray (Javon Walton) will make it out alive. We are hopeful that season three will bring us some clarity, however, we might have to wait a while.

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The show got officially renewed for another season in Feb. 2022. However, we shouldn’t expect to see the episodes until 2024 according to the cast and crew of “Euphoria.” While creator Sam Levinson hasn’t released much detail about season three, we know that some of our favorite actors will be sticking around. Jacob Elordi, Zendaya, Hunter Schaffer (Jules), Maude Apatow (Lexi Howard) and Algee Smith (Chris) are some familiar favorites that we will see hit the screen in 2024. Seeing these characters make their comeback will be exciting, however, not everyone will be returning to the set.

In an Instagram post, Barbie Ferreira (Kat) sadly announced her departure from the show, saying, “After four years of getting to embody the most special and enigmatic character Kat, I’m having to say a very teary-eyed goodbye.”

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As we know, season two had a lot of raw and dark moments involving Rue’s struggles with addiction. When asked about her hopes for her character in season three, Zendaya said in a “Euphoria” Q&A that she hopes Rue “is literally just to be able to be alive and maybe enjoy it.

In an interview with Variety, Jacob Elordi also revealed some high hopes for his character, Nate Jacobs. “I’d like to see [Nate] come of age,” Elordi said. “I fear I’m growing too old for high school.”

While many unanswered questions left “Euphoria” fans on the edge of their seat, unfortunately, it looks like we will have to wait another year to see what kind of chaos will go down with the students of East Highland High School.

“Euphoria” is available to stream on HBO Max.

By Madison Shauer

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