Take a World Tour With These Romantic Historical Dramas on Netflix

Are you looking for a melodramatic romance, to dive back into history, or maybe a little bit of both? Well considering its global audience, Netflix has provided a range of historical romances from across the world including Russia, England, France, and even the Ottoman Empire. Allow me to aid your adventure of period romances with these suggestions! 

1. “Silver Skates”

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Are you looking for a Russian romance? If so, “Silver Skates” is one of Netflix’s hidden gems for you! This exciting movie follows the journeys of underprivileged ice skater Matvey (Fredor Fedotov) and the daughter of aristocrat Alisa (Sonya Priss.) After being fired, Matvey is desperate to find work to help support himself and his sick father. His astonishing ice skating skills capture the attention of a small group of thieves who work together to steal from the rich. Meanwhile, Alisa spends her time studying the mysteries of science, longing to continue her education professionally. Yet, not only are schools particular about girls entering, her rich aristocratic parents prioritize her betrothal and are unsupportive of her educational pursuit. When Matvey and Alisa’s paths intertwine at an Ice Skating Ball, they form an indescribable connection. Watch “Silver Skates” to see if their love is strong enough to fend off their obstacles and achieve their dreams. 

“Silver Skates” is available on Netflix.

2. “The Ottoman Lieutenant”

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Nothing is more engaging for a hopeless romantic audience than a complicated love triangle. During a time of war and racism, compassionate nurse Lillie (Hera Hilmar) is looking to make a powerful, positive impact in this hostile world. Finding an opportunity in the Ottoman Empire, Lillie unwavering puts her skills to use. Her perseverance unintentionally captures the attention of two men, Lieutenant Ismail Veli of the Ottoman Empire (Michiel Huisman) and her colleague, Dr. Jude Gresham (Josh Hartnett). This time of conflict becomes present within Lillie as she continues to follow her heart not only through her medical practices but on her romantic journey as well. Immerse yourself in Lillie’s fulfilling journey of providing change and finding love in “The Ottoman Lieutenant.” 

“The Ottoman Lieutenant” is available on Netflix. 

3. “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”

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Netflix provides its viewers with a conflicting, steamy and dramatic romance set in England during the first World War. The film begins with the recent marriage of Constance “Connie” Chatterley (Emma Corrin) and Clifford Chatterley (Matthew Duckett). Unfortunately, their honeymoon phase is cut short as Clifford leaves for war. Clifford returns home paralyzed but Connie, remarkably devoted to her husband, picks up the duties of becoming his on-the-clock caregiver. After tireless effort and an unspeakable request made by Clifford, Connie becomes depressed and begins to neglect her self-care. Her interest soon flutters upon their gentle and kind gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors (Jack O’Connell). As their interest grows in one another, their intimate affair is not a secret anymore. Will Connie fulfill her husband’s preposterous request? Will Connie and Oliver’s romance become their own? Find out in Netflix’s “Lady Chatterley’s Lover.”

“Lady Chatterley’s Lover” is available on Netflix.

4. “Lady J”

In the beauty of France’s majestic nature, widow Madame de La Pommeraye (Cécile de France) enjoys her large estate with the recent company of womanizer Marquis des Arcis (Édouard Baer). At first, Madame de La Pommeraye resists the flirtatious behavior of the Marquis des Arcis but after months of continuous effort, she gives in to his charm. Due to the cease of the chase, Marquis des Arcis confesses his lack of emotion towards Madame de La Pommeraye. Although she is heartbroken, Madame de La Pommeraye agrees to befriend the Marquis des Arcis. Time carries on when the Marquis des Arcis confides in his lustful habits with Madame de La Pommeraye. He recalls his numerous affairs, giving details of the young women and how his interest always fades after being intimate. Hiding her distaste and sadness, Madame de La Pommeraye decides to enact a vengeful plan against Marquis des Arcis to make him suffer. Take part as Madame de La Pommeraye’s scheme unfolds by watching Netflix’s “Lady J.”

“Lady J” is available on Netflix.

5. “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”

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Following World War II, author Juliet Ashton (Lily James) is becoming a greater sensation for her work. Her life seems to finally be getting on track with her successful writing and flourishing relationship with lucrative Mark Reynolds (Glen Powell). Upon receiving an intriguing letter briefly mentioning The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, Juliet decides to spontaneously venture out to the Island of Guernsey to learn more about its fascinating existence. She intends to write about the book club and the overall power of books. Before leaving, Mark proposes to Juliet and she officially journeys as an engaged woman. Juliet finally arrives on the island where she meets her recent pen pal and widow, Dawsey Adams (Michiel Huisman). A pure spark between the two ignites but it’s a matter of what happens next. What is the history of the peculiarly named book club? How will Juliet cope with these new emerging feelings? Chase these answers in Netflix’s “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.”

“The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” is available on Netflix.

By Charley Lustig

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