5 Movies Leaving Netflix on April 1

As April approaches, Netflix is doing its own version of spring cleaning to make room for new arrivals. Here are 5 fan favorite movies being taken off the streaming service on April 1. 

1. “Forrest Gump” (1994)

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It’s sad to see this movie leaving Netflix, as it is personally one of my comfort films. “Forrest Gump” follows the bittersweet love story between the rebellious Jenny Curran (Robin Wright) and innocent-minded Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks). Gump meets a nurse on a park bench (Rebecca Williams) and decides to reminisce on his life from the lessons he learned from his mother to being shot in his backside in Vietnam. The self-narration makes this movie heartfelt and, in a way, nostalgic. The film first joined Netflix in January 2017 and has been bouncing back and forth between being on and off the platform. It’s tough to say if this removal is permanent, but I’m hoping it isn’t. 

2. “Labyrinth” (1986)

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16-year-old Sarah wishes for her infant half-brother, Toby to go away after being sick of his crying. Little did she know, a Goblin King name Jareth (David Bowie) grants her wish and steals Toby, and she must go on an otherworldly journey to rescue him. David Bowie being in a film already makes it worth the watch, and despite being so bizarre (much like The Wizard of Oz),  this is a cult classic for many people. The film debuted on Netflix in September 2021, and will, unfortunately, be leaving us shortly. 

3. “RV” (2006)

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The typical American Munro family has some work to do when it comes to bonding. The mother, Jamie (Cheryl Hines) and her husband, Bob (Robin Williams) attempt to reign in their children on a family trip to amend their issues. Their up-to-no-good son, Carl (Josh Hutcherson) and bratty teenage daughter Cassie (JoJo) want nothing to do with the trip and Bob is still stuck working but attempts to hide it from his wife. This film has a lot of ups and downs such as family arguments and the RV rolling down a hill, but mostly funny moments that allow the family’s deep love for each other to shine through. “RV” is hectic, to say the least, but definitely worth the watch before it is taken off of Netflix.

4. “Grease” (1978)

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There’s nothing like a sweet 1950s romance between polar opposites turned musical. “Grease” is a cult classic for many reasons, whether it be Danny Zuko’s (John Travolta) slick dance moves or Sandy’s (Olivia-Newton John) good girl to bad girl character development. This iconic movie has been a household favorite for a while, and a new sense of appreciation for the movie was developed after the passing of Olivia-Newton John. Even though it is leaving Netflix, you can still view “Grease” on Paramount+. 

5. “Hush” (2016)

Courtesy of Blumhouse Productions.

This is a tough loss for horror fans, as “Hush” got some pretty positive reviews. The suspense is extreme in this movie while a deaf and mute woman named Maddie Young (Kate Siegel) lives alone, but not quite. A masked killer follows her around in the shadows of her own home, and Maddie is left to fend for herself without the ability to scream out for help. “Hush” is unsettling, but worth the watch if that’s your thing. As of now, there is no other platform showing “Hush,” and it is not currently available to rent or buy. So if you are interested, you have a few more days to catch it while it’s still available. Luckily, this movie leaves a week later than the ones above. 

“Hush” is being removed from Netflix on April 8. 

There are many more television shows and movies leaving Netflix in April, so make sure to check out this list!

By Amena Ahmed

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